We are a Malaysian registered Personal and Corporate Financing company, licensed by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government. We provide a variety of bespoke solution, focusing on the needs of our clients.

We fill the gap between classical financial institutions and non-regulated lending to deliver value to our stakeholders.

With over 50 years of experience, our consistent and time-tested approach in understanding our clients closely has resulted in long-lasting relationships that continue to grow through the years.


We provide a wide range of solutions to address your needs, be it personal, buying a vehicle, a house or for your business needs.

Personal Financing

Vehicle Loan

Property Loan

Working Capital Loan

Emergency Financing

Mezzanine Financing


Consistent and Strong Relationship
Over 40% of our clientele are repeat clients.

Experience, complemented with Rigorous Processes
50% of our loans are secured. Unsecured financing is against clients earnings and capability for repayments. Our rigorous yet efficient process, complemented with over 50 years combined experience in this industry, ensures minimal Non-Performing Loans (NPLs).

Speed has been our hallmark
We take an average of 7 days from applications to disbursements.

Balanced Approach between clients and us
We work along the guidelines set by the Money Lending Act to achieve a balance between clients needs and profit.

Gap that presents opportunities
There is an opportunity to address the market that exists between classical financial institutions and the illegal lenders. We seek to expand into the marketplace in an aggressive yet sustainable manner.


We welcome any questions or enquiries that you may have for us.

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